California Professional Firefighters (CPF)

CPF LogoMarin Professional Firefighters, IAFF Local 1775, is a proud member of California Professional Firefighters.  CPF is the California State Council for the IAFF.

CPF’s mission is to improve the lives and working conditions of career firefighters – the men and women who have made public protection their life’s work. Its legislative advocacy has produced a string of successes in the areas of firefighter health and safety, retirement benefits and employee rights. CPF has also worked hard on legislation directly aimed at protecting public safety, co-sponsoring bills to bring critical new equipment to local fire departments and working to defeat measures that could put critical public services in the hands of private contractors.

California Professional Firefighters is an active participant in state politics, endorsing both statewide and legislative candidates and causes that promote the well-being of public safety professionals. CPF also provides crucial support and consulting to affiliated locals as they seek to elect local officials who are sensitive to the needs of public safety and those who provide it.

In addition to its legislative advocacy, CPF provides a full slate of services geared around the enhancement of the profession of firefighting. This includes an extensive health and safety program, active participation in the development of EMS regulations and services benefiting the retired firefighter. CPF has taken the leadership role in development of the California Firefighters Memorial, which is located on the grounds of California’s historic State Capitol.

Every time firefighters put on their uniforms, they are representing a proud profession. To them, firefighting is more than just a job. For that reason, California Professional Firefighters is more than just a union. CPF is a partner in building a better fire service for all Californians. 

Serving Our Profession

Making a Difference for the California Fire Service

California Fire Fighter Joint Apprenticeship Committee

The California Fire Fighter Joint Apprenticeship Committee (CFFJAC) is a nationally recognized firefighter apprenticeship and training program co-sponsored by CPF and the California State Fire Marshal. The CFFJAC provides direct funding for local apprenticeship programs in dozens of fire service disciplines, from EMT all the way to fire chief.  In 2010, the CFFJAC developed web-based modules as part of its firefighter training program, Terrorism Consequence Management (TCM) for first responders. The CFFJAC also continues to build the CPAT’s position as the “gold standard” of candidate physical ability testing. In 2010, over 8,000 candidates tested at the CFFJAC's three CPAT Centers, located in Sacramento, Livermore and the city of Orange.

Firefighters Print & Design

Since opening in 1989, CPF’s Firefighters Print & Design (FFPD) has offered design and printing services to the ever-increasing number of CPF locals, businesses, legislators and individual members. From business cards and stationary through political brochures and newsletters, FFPD is a proud guardian of the firefighter image. FFPD helps our affiliates have an impact on local elections, public relations, professional communication and other areas. In 2010, FFPD set new records, turning out nearly 7.5 million separate printed pieces, including roughly five million pieces of mail and nearly two million door hangers. Nearly two-dozen CPF locals utilized Firefighters Print & Design services. Two-thirds of the nearly 60 candidates and causes using FFPD services won their elections.

FireStar Productions

The CFFJAC established FireStar Productions to generate video-based firefighter training. FireStar has since grown to become a high-quality, full-service video production company. FireStar produces all in-house video for CPF, including CPF Firevision, and offers specialized video services to CPF member locals and an array of outside clients. In 2010, FireStar was behind some high-profile spots supporting Police and Fire for Jerry Brown, the "California Working Families" campaign, State Superintendent for Public Instruction Tom Torlakson and Assemblymember Joan Buchanan. They even shot an endorsement ad for Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick starring former US Vice President Al Gore.

CPF Callback Association

When firefighters retire, most try to stay connected with the profession they love, and do what they can to help the men and women on the front lines. CPF Callback Association was created to keep our retirees. In 2010, the Callback Association had over 1,300 members. These members did more than just pay their dues. They also contributed to CPF PAC funds to help insure the election of pro-firefighter legislators.

CPF Online Fire Department Directory

Initiated three years ago, the Online Fire Department Directory is CPF’s free resource for details about every fire department in California. Updated monthly, the CPF Online Fire Department Directory has information on more than 1,000 separate departments.

CPF Health Benefits Trust

Established in 1971, the CPF Health Benefits Trust oversees a range of supplemental insurance products designed by firefighters … for firefighters. In 2010, the Health Benefits Trust continued to market its successful Protect Your Income (PYI) plan for long-term disability coverage, as well as a variety of customized life, home and even auto insurance.

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