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November 2014 Election: Endorsements

After an extensive interview process, Marin Professional Firefighters, and California Professional Firefighters, has identified a bipartisan list of candidates it believes would be the strongest firefighter choices for statewide office in this November's General Election.

The CPF endorsements for the 2014 election were the product of weeks of interviews with dozens of candidates from both sides of the political aisle.

In addition to the link above, the endorsements are available in the members-only “Campaign” section of the CPF app. The app, which also includes news, incident updates and a digital pocket guide of the Firefighter Bill of Rights, is available for download on both Apple and Android devices. 


RVPA Paramedic Tax Measures: YES

YES on:

  • Measure I: Corte Madera
  • Measure K: Fairfax
  • Measure L: Larkspur
  • Measure M: Ross
  • Measure N: San Anselmo
  • Measure P: CSA 27
  • Measure Q: Kentfield
  • Measure S: Sleepy Hollow
  • MMWD Board: Liza Crosse

    State Senate: Mike McGuire

    State Assembly: Marc Levine

    US Congress: Jared Huffman


    2014 State Constitutional, Legislative & Ballot Endorsements

    Constitutional Offices

    Governor: Jerry Brown
    Lieutenant Governor: Gavin Newsom
    Secretary of State: Alex Padilla
    Attorney General: Kamala Harris
    State Controller: Betty Yee
    State Treasurer: John Chiang
    Insurance Commissioner: Dave Jones
    Superintendent of PI: Tom Torlakson
    Board of Equalization 01: Chris Parker
    Board of Equalization 02: Fiona Ma
    Board of Equalization 03: Jerome Horton

    November Ballot Initiatives

    Proposition 45 (Rate Reg.): NO
    Proposition 48 (Gaming Comp.) YES

    State Assembly

    AD01 – Brian Dahle
    AD02 – Jim Wood
    AD03 – James Gallagher
    AD04 – Bill Dodd
    AD05 – Frank Bigelow
    AD07 – Kevin McCarty
    AD08 – Ken Cooley
    AD09 – Darrell Fong
    AD10 – Marc Levine
    AD11 – Jim Frazier
    AD12 – Kristin Olsen
    AD13 – Susan Eggman
    AD14 – Susan Bonilla
    AD15 – Tony Thurmond
    AD16 – Tim Sbranti
    AD17 – David Chiu
    AD18 – Rob Bonta
    AD19 – Phil Ting
    AD20 – Bill Quirk
    AD21 – Adam Gray
    AD22 – Kevin Mullin
    AD23 – Jim Patterson
    AD24 – Rich Gordon
    AD25 – Kansen Chu
    AD26 – Rudy Mendoza
    AD27 – Nora Campos
    AD28 – Evan Low
    AD29 – Mark Stone
    AD30 – Luis Alejo
    AD31 – Henry Perea
    AD32 – Rudy Salas
    AD33 – Jay Obernolte
    AD35 – Katcho Achadjian
    AD36 – Steve Fox
    AD37 – Das Williams
    AD38 – Scott Wilk
    AD39 – Raul Bocanegra
    AD40 – Marc Steinorth
    AD41 – Chris Holden
    AD42 – Chad Mayes
    AD43 – Mike Gatto
    AD44 – Jacqui Irwin
    AD45 – Matt Dababneh
    AD46 – Adrin Nazarian
    AD47 – Cheryl Brown
    AD48 – Roger Hernandez
    AD49 – Ed Chau
    AD50 – Richard Bloom
    AD51 – Jimmy Gomez
    AD52 – Freddie Rodriguez
    AD53 – Miguel Santiago
    AD54 – Sebastian Ridley-Thomas
    AD55 – Ling-Ling Chang
    AD56 – Eduardo Garcia
    AD57 – Ian Calderon
    AD58 – Cristina Garcia
    AD59 – Reggie Jones-Sawyer
    AD60 – Eric Linder
    AD61 – Jose Medina
    AD62 – Autumn Burke
    AD63 – Anthony Rendon
    AD64 – Mike Gipson
    AD65 – Sharon Quirk-Silva
    AD66 – Al Muratsuchi
    AD67 – Melissa Melendez
    AD69 – Tom Daly
    AD70 – Patrick O’Donnell
    AD75 – Marie Waldron
    AD76 – Rocky Chavez
    AD77 – Brian Maienschein
    AD78 – Toni Atkins
    AD79 – Shirley Weber
    AD80 – Lorena Gonzalez

    State Senate

    SD02 – Mike McGuire
    SD06 – Richard Pan
    SD08 – Bill Berryhill
    SD10 – Robert Wieckowski
    SD12 – Anthony Cannella
    SD14 – Luis Chavez
    SD18 – Robert Hertzberg
    SD20 – Connie Leyva
    SD22 – Ed Hernandez
    SD24 – Kevin De Leon
    SD26 – Sandra Fluke
    SD28 – Bonnie Garcia
    SD30 – Holly Mitchell
    SD32 – Tony Mendoza
    SD34 – Jose Solorio
    SD36 – Patricia Bates
    SD40 – Ben Hueso

    Congress (from IAFF)

    CD02 – Jared Huffman


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