Our Mission: IAFF


  • To organize all fire fighters and emergency medical or rescue workers;
  • To secure just compensation for their services and equitable settlement of their grievances;
  • To promote as safe and healthy a working environment for fire fighters as is possible through modern technology;
  • To promote the establishment of just and reasonable working conditions;
  • To place the members of the Association on a higher plane of skill and efficiency;
  • To promote harmonious relations between fire fighters and their employers;
  • To encourage the formation of local unions, state and provincial associations and joint councils;
  • To encourage the formation of sick and death benefit funds;
  • To promote the research and treatment of burns and other related health problems common to fire fighters;
  • To encourage the establishment of schools of instruction for imparting knowledge of modern and improved methods of fire fighting and prevention; and
  • To cultivate friendship and fellowship among its members. 


Marin Professional Firefighters, IAFF Local 1775

P.O. BOX 15, FAIRFAX, CA 94978
(415) 459-4058 ·  FAX (415) 459-8009